Solid Waste TreatmentWe offer turnkey solutions, technologies and consultancy services in Solid Waste Treatment and Management. The solid waste from Industrial kitchens, butchery houses and segregated bio-degradable waste of housing colonies can be treated to get valuable by-products, such as. Bio-methane gas for heating and as a rich fertilizer. It also offers the possibility of converting large such as lighting for common areas leading to energy conservation/cost savings.

Dowac Systems is known as an expert Solid Waste Treatment Plant, Bio Gas Plant Manufacturer and Commercial Bio Gas PlantExporter in Bangalore, India. We impart Solid Waste Management Plant, Bio Gas Generation Plant, and Methane Gas Plant for the clients according to the defined specifications of the clients.


Our experts fabricate these bio gas plants with high accuracy and in technical configurations required by the clients. Also, stringent inspection is carried out so that superior quality and prompt operational plant is imparted to the clients. Also, the range of methane plantsmanufactured by us is available for the customers at competitive and excellent rates.