DOWAC’S wide expertise is visible in its superior concepts, designs, planning, execution and commissioning of Plants that span a vast range of capacity and width. We hold expertise as Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants Manufacturer in Bangalore, India, and are known for imparting Sewage Water Treatment Plants, Residential Sewage Treatment Plants, Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants, etc.

Our assortment of Sewage Treatment Plants is built in different capacities for meeting the distinctive needs of the customers. The experts at Dowac Systems ensure that the complete production process is carried out with precision and robust quality inspection is carried out at every step. Dowac Systems imparts customized solutions to the customers at reasonable pricing.

SBR (Sequential Batch Reaction)

SBR technology is a method of wastewater treatment in which all phases of the treatment process occur sequentially within the same tank. Hence, the Main benefits of the SBR system are less civil Structures, inter-connecting pipe-work, and process equipment and the consequent savings in capital and Operating costs.
SBR technology is much more flexible and reliable process, and small batch can be processed with multiple reactor.


MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor)

MBBR technology process is based on the aerobic bio film principle and utilizes the advantages of activated sludge. It has capability to take shock loads.
Bio film provide very large surface area with optimal conditions for bacteria culture to grow and thrive.
The reliability and ease of operation has provided satisfaction to many customers all across.


ABR (Anaerobic Baffle Reactor )

An Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) is an improved Bio Degradation System of Sewage Waste because of the series of baffles under which the waste water is forced to flow.
The increased contact time with the active biomass (sludge) results in improved treatment.
This technology is best suggested for Layout and Villa Projects.